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Fernando López____________ 

contemporary flamenco and 
dance research

Choreographic artist, flamenco dancer, philosopher and dance researcher in the Dance Department of Paris VIII University (France).

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Crossing different movement analysis techniques (specially the Effort from Rudolf Laban and AFDCMD) with the discoveries of few philosophers, this workshop is conceived as a training of the “slow gaze” to learn to observe our posture and movement in a precise and critical way, and to try to answer the following question: of which philosophy is my body the symbol?

The aim of this workshop is to make explicit certain stereotypes that we can find in the heart of flamenco dancing, in order to displace the gaze and go through them using improvisation tools.


In spite of the generalities, imprecision and confusions generated by the stereotypes, they persist in our minds as imaginary inscriptions that play an essential role in our daily practices. That’s why it is so necessary to know them deeply and to try to develop a critical posture in all the senses of this word.

Movement analysis and philosopy of the body

 Carmen 1936: Flamenco beyond the stereotypes

Workshops are avalible in Spanish, English and French