DeCid is a choreographic re-appropriation of “Cantar de Mio Cid” [‘The Song of My Cid’] in the sense that some of the narrative elements have been extracted to produce a bodily discourse about resilience.


Resilience is the psychological capacity that we people have to pull ourselves together in times of emotional pain or predicament. It is also what we identify as one of the main characteristics of Cid who has to overcome countless obstacles throughout the song. His obstacles show us a heroism which we can all relate to because of our everyday difficulties.


Fernando López

Carlos M. Fernández Soto


El Manicomico, LR


Gullem Duquette

Irene Heríaz

Paula López

Fernando López​

Francisco Melero

Paqui Rodríguez


Artistic direction and choreography


Music and visuals





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Decid 2

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