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Fernando López____________ 

Contemporary flamenco artist

and dance researcher

Choreographic artist, flamenco dancer, philosopher and dance researcher in the Dance Department of Paris VIII University (France).

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Bailes Calaterales_________ 

Compañía de Danza

José Manuel Álvarez

_________ Ni tú ni yo

Belén Maya

 y Juan Diego Mateos



Gender, sexuality and tradition. Towards a maverick practice of flamenco

In this workshop, we will work, in a theoretical-practical way, on some of the fundamental pillars of gender and sexuality in the cultural spectrum of flamenco. 

Firstly, we will extract the marks or bodily habitus on our bodies, and which we perform daily in our gestural discourse, using gender and sexuality categories as masculine, feminine, heterosexual, homosexual, etc. that will be analyzed in detail too. 

Secondly, we will give tools to expand the expressive palette of these bodies and generate the ability to work with these categories from a deeper consciousness, making aesthetic-political use of them.





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